Bridging CeFi to DeFi

Fascinated with DeFi (decentralised finance) solutions and her belief that money in the future will simultaneously be institutionalised and decentralised, Lan was drawn to Alkemi and its role in the ongoing transition between open finance and DeFi. Alkemi Network solves the friction points for CeFi (centralised financed) institutions to participate in DeFi, enabling their contribution to a global, decentralised liquidity network that can be accessed and governed by the network’s community token holders. Launched out of stealth earlier this year as the world’s first decentralised liquidity network to offer institutional DeFi, it enables the coexistence of both permissioned "Verified" and permissionless "Open" liquidity pools linked to protocols governed by the network’s native multi-utility token. With a core team of globally-distributed specialised developers and designers, Alkemi is building an on-chain liquidity network with a suite of tools and products that serve as onramps for every- one to participate in DeFi. The flagship protocol, Alkemi Earn (Earn), provides centralised financial counterparties with com- pliant, turnkey access to DeFi. It facilitates institution-grade borrowing and lending within a com- pliant environment via Alkemi’s primary ‘permissioned’ liquidity pool of digital assets (ETH, wBTC and stablecoins). Earn will also offer access to Alkemi’s secondary ‘permissionless’ liquidity pool of digital assets at the network’s Token Generation Event. After closing a $4.6 million investment round with over $5 million of liquidity deposits seeded to the network, Alkemi is now live on mainnet. Over the past 6 months Alkemi has onboard 25 liquidity providers and is fast becoming the portal to the on-chain capital world whilst scaling out to the broader DeFi universe. And there’s a lot more to come… In order to achieve a permissionless, decentralised liquidity network, all counterparties must be able to interact freely within the financial ecosystem. However, the retail-focused innovations of decentralised finance haven’t yet made provision for institutional participation requirements. Earn enables the wall of institutional capital to permeate the market; CeFi institutions can now participate in the DeFi revolution. This constitutes the first chapter of the network rollout strategy. With rising institutional participation, access will be extended to other users wishing to participate in Alkemi Network via a secondary permissionless pool, ’open’, for the Earn protocol. This open pool will be launched at the token generation event for the network’s native multi-utility token, ALK. This constitutes the second chapter of the rollout strategy.. Alkemi Network will be structured as a community-governed DAO, where ALK token holders will have the authority to create and vote on proposals. The development of the network will be in the hands of the community with the role of the Alkemi team as ’facilitators’.